What People say about Barrow camp

We believe we offer a fantastic experience in a friendly environment. Eurocamp is a totally serious coaching camp on the court during coaching and games but we believe that the off court experience is important too. Our campers and parents have to be happy. Don't take our word for it though - here are some comments from Facebook.They're all publicly posted on our Facebook page, along with many others, feel free to join us and read them all.

Carole O'Neill

My boy saves his money all year to pay for his camp. If he didn't I would and pay it for him!! The experience for him is 2nd to none and the staff are fantastic with him. Keep doing what u do guys as you are giving lot of young boys and girls a fantastic opportunity at a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work. X

Charlie Jones

just had my first training back from euro camp and I cant believe the changes in my game. thankyou to all the coaches for helping me believe more in my ability's and pushing me In the right direction to be a successful basketball player. I hope everyone the best for this year and I hope to see some of you on court.

 David Nelson

Eurocamp was awesome his year!  Thanks for a great time guys

Jakub Niestatek

Missing the camp so much! I would like to thank all of the staff, coaches and all the amazing campers I met that made the camp a lot better. I can already see how much the camp helped me.Thank you and see you all next year!

Cląudia Brun Sancho

Thanks a lot for everything! I see you next year!:)

Cristina Alcaraz

Thank you for all! This camp was the best and I learned al lot:) I hope to see you next year

Thanks for all your great comments, see you all next year.

Eurocamp 2024
Dundee: 21 to 26 July

Barrow 28 July to 2 August

Portsmouth 4 to 9 August 2024