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We all hope that the latter part of 2020 and into 2021 will see the return of competitive basketball and we're already planning for a full return to our camps. As 2020 demonstrated, you can book with confidence, knowing that if WE have to cancel the camp YOU will not lose out. All our 2020 campers who requested a refund got one and often the same day it was requested. We believe in doing the right thing.

Eurocamp is a Residential Coaching Camp, now in it's 23rd consecutive year (apart from 2020 of course) of providing a top class basketball camp experience to players from all over Europe. Eurocamp 2019 was a hugely successful camp with over 350 campers in attendance across our 3 camps. Most of them joining us on a residential basis. The camps have grown in numbers over the last 6 years , further enforcing our opinion that Eurocamp is on the up and up! We have welcomed players from the UK, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Kuwait, Minorca, Iceland, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

Eurocamp is led by the World renowned Dr Laszlo Nemeth, Senior Lecturer at Chichester University and Ex. Head Coach to several National teams including England men and women. He brings with him a select team of coaches hand picked each year. The 2019 coaching staff came from Hungary, Spain, USA, Iceland and the UK and included 2 Ex England National team coaches, a 2011 Coach of the Year, and a current National team junior coach. Dr Nemeth, and therefore Eurocamp, promote and encourage the European style of play, focusing on tough defence, strong fundamentals, fast break and mid to long range shooting.

With the exception of our other Eurocamps we are probably the only UK camp which runs hour long intensive themed coaching sessions. We don't believe in the USA style system of 10 minutes "stations" we believe in intense sessions where everyone participates all the time, building understanding of the subject being coached and progression. We certainly do not believe in sitting around watching other players train.

The philosophy at Eurocamp is one of hard work, Eurocamp is NOT a holiday camp.

Unlike most other camps, Eurocamp is for those players with serious intentions to improve their game.

Please take some time to browse the site and visit the pages for the camp(s) your interested in. Click on the images below to navigate to each camp.

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Eurocamp 2023
Dundee: 23 to 28 July

Barrow 30 July to 4 August

Portsmouth 6 to 11 August 2023