When is the camp?

Dundee Eurocamp 2021 starts on Sunday 18th July 2021. Registration opens at the University of Dundee at 12pm that day, camp officially opens at 3.30pm. Camp closes at 12pm on Friday 23rd July 2021 and parents should collect players at that time.

What age range does the camp cover?

We cater for players aged 10 to 23 inclusive.

What standard does the camp cater for?

Eurocamp welcomes players of all abilities. We have had complete beginners through to players representing their Countries. We do this by having a development group and an advanced group, each split into smaller coaching groups according to ability.

Does the camp cater for girls as well as boys?

Yes we do, the 2019 camp welcomed 18 girls.

What can I do to prepare myself for camp?

Develop your fitness before camp, do not wear new boots for the first time (major cause of blisters)

What can I expect to be doing on a daily basis?

Each full day at camp includes three 1 hour coaching sessions on a variety of topics. You will also be involved in a coaching session for your particular Championship team and will play two championship games each day. We also host Allstar games, 1 v 1, 3 v 3, and 3 point shooting competitions.

Is there medical provision at the camp?

The camp is within the Institute of Sporting Excellence at the University. They have First Aid trained staff on site. We also have first aiders working within the camp if required. If required, the local hospital is 10 minutes away.

What about meals?

Meals are provided by the University of Dundee in their canteen. 3 meals per day are provided for residential campers, non-residential have lunch and an evening meal. 

What are the security arrangements at night?

The accommodation is arranged in flats, typical of University halls. The flats are within a tower block. On each floor there is either a member of local staff or one of our coaches, with responsibility for the players on that floor. Player movement between floors is not possible due to security measures, but they can access the coach on their floor. Likewise, if needs be, the coach/staff member can communicate with the players if there is a need to. One member of staff holds a master key allowing access to all the areas containing Eurocampers.

Are smoking and alcohol allowed?

No. Eurocamp is a no smoking camp . Alcohol is not permitted under any circumstances, even for over 18's.  Any camper flouting this rule will be sent home.

Is there a camp shop?

Yes, it is based in ISE and will be open during the camp day. It sells sweets, chocolate, canned drinks and sports drinks. We also stock a limited amount of basketball apprel including T Shirts and hoodies.

What should I do about valuables?

We recommend that you don't bring anything valuable. If you do, items can be lodged with the camp bank and will be kept in our safe. We cannot accept any liability for lost or stolen items if they are not handed to us.

What about spending money?

We operate a basic bank system. At check in, you can deposit your money with us. From then on, you sign for anything purchased at the shop and we deduct what you have spent from your balance. Any money left is returned to you before you leave. This removes the need to carry cash around at camp and potentially lose it.

Do you supply water?

Bring a sport drinks bottle, there are lots of water fountains to use.

Can you suggest a clothing list?

Plenty of socks are an absolute must. Basketball training clothing (vest, t shirt, jersey etc) are really the only things required. Consider a hoodie/joggers for during recreational breaks. Many seasoned campers use flip flops at these times to let their feet breathe. For our awards presentation, we expect campers to be smart casual - a shirt and jeans or dress for girls is acceptable.  

For any questions not covered here, please contact us.

Eurocamp 2024
Dundee: 21 to 26 July

Barrow 28 July to 2 August

Portsmouth 4 to 9 August 2024